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The evolution of the concept of information warfare in the modern information society of the post-truth era

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The development of technology, communication tools and the spread of Internet access in the 21st century, have made the modern citizen of Western liberal democracies a citizen of not only an information society, but also a network society. This means that it has the technical ability to establish relationships with virtually any person. As Kennichi Koymama states in the information society, the main value for society is knowledge and information. In contrast, in a network society (which is one of the manifestations of the information society), the citizen becomes a node of a globalized network, who can establish an infinite number of relationships via the Internet, telephone.

Every day, this “networked citizen” not only receives, but also creates and transmits terabytes of information within his circles of friends. Although he has virtually unlimited access to channels and sources of information acquisition, at the same time he has neither the time nor the developed skills to verify the onslaught and overwhelming digital information stream (data deluge) by which he cannot distinguish between lies and truth. This is well known not only by politicians, the media, private companies, but also by states and political blocs that recognize the potential (or necessity) of waging permanent information warfare to destabilize (or protect) the information society in order to achieve their desired political, economic and even military goals.

The purpose of this paper is to show the evolution of the concept of information warfare and to try to reflect on whether contemporary concepts of information warfare fully reflect the nature of information warfare waged in the information space of Western liberal democracies.

Patrycja Bryczek Wróbel and Maciej Moszczyński (Military University of Technology, Poland)