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Far Right Extremist Movements Fighting in Ukraine: Implications for Post-conflict Europe


The Russian war in Ukraine is resetting global affairs beyond Europe, as well as creating new extremist landscapes. Several far-right movements mobilized and delivered a substantial contribution to the defense against Russia.

But there is a great deal of uncertainty regarding far-right extremism in the post-war setting. Russian propaganda also proliferates many myths and frightening stories about these groups’ prevalence.

What are the implications of this active as well as often legitimized and highly praised participation of right-wing organizations, operating within and alongside the Ukrainian Defence Force?

This paper investigates the Ukrainian far right phenomenon: what kind of movements there are, where they originate from, and what is their role in the conflict. This is followed by a short assessment of what threats they pose to democracies in Europe and beyond.

The study of the Ukrainian far right is as complex and controversial as any other study of extremist movements. It is multi-dimensional, often emotional laden and rooted in socio-historical cleavages that centre on Ukrainian independence and nationalism.